Toll Free in USA and Canada.
Call 1-866-391-5898
Elog Ltd. corporate headquarters are at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, as well as worldwide offices located strategically to tap the oil field service market of those regions.
The board of directors and all the divisional heads of Elog are at the Edmonton office. The company's R & D facilities are also located at Edmonton, where the data acquisition systems are built.
Manoranjan (MR) Sahu, President & CEO, is the founder of Elog
The Co-Promoter and Controller of Elog is Alka Sahu.
The Jakarta, Indonesia office is responsible for contract sales and marketing of company's product and services in Indonesia. The contact person here is Ir. Muis Haroun.
The Mumbai, India office is responsible for handling contracts and sales of company’s product and services for the Indian sub-continent. The contact person for this region is Mr. Sreedhar Tripathy, Regional Manager for the Indian sub-continent.